CBD and the Endogenous

Cannabinoid System

Many have already tried to be cured with Cannabis - How and why has it the potential to cure so many different diseases?
Cannabis plant and the human body has something very essential in common: One control system that regulates ALL other systems in the body and their changes. In humans and in all mammals, it is called the endogenous

cannabinoid system or short ECS. In the plant, called the Exogenous Cannabinoid System (exo for external). This means that the body produces cannabinoids, or rather, endocannabinoids. ECS is to the body what Windows is for your computer: a superior control system. It regulates everything from the creation of life to the feeling of pleasure and euphoria.

What are Cannabinoids?

Cannabinoids are chemical neurotransmitters that regulate ALL other systems in the body, including reproductive performance, immune system, nervous system, digestive, etc. Cannabinoids are activated in ECS.

According to research, the human body contains two cannabinoid receptors, CB1 and CB2. CB1 is present in the brain, whereas CB2 is found in immune cells and organs, also known to be responsible for the anti-inflammatory effect.

The body’s own endo-cannabinoids are not stored
Endocannabinoids are lipophilic molecules (“fat-loving”) and therefore non-water soluble. They are not stored in vesicles, but are synthesized by the body itself “on demand”, ie when there is a change in the body to be controlled. Therefore, it is particularly the ill who needs CBD from the outside. Its important, however, for everyone to use CBD for prevention in order to stay healthy, because our lives and bodies are constantly changing.

Cannabidiol, CBD

CBD (Cannabidiol), also known as the non-psychoactive substance in cannabis is known to cure everything from cell changes to skin diseases, metabolism, brain disorders and more. CBD from cannabis plant is a very powerful anti-oxidant, 30-50% stronger than vitamin C and E. CBD maintain homeostasis, thus healthy pH balance in the body that is essential for good health.

Life & Anandamide, happiness, euphoria

It also explains why cannabis or cannabinoids, cures diseases of the brain. CBD breaks the blood-brain barrier, as one of the very few natural substances that exist.

In short:

Happiness keeps you healthy and prevents diseases

We all know that it is difficult to maintain an intense pleasure when we get sick, we are constantly aware of the disease and that we do something wrong. In this case, you must activate its joy receptors with exogenous cannabinoids. CBD can also be used to repair and clean up. It is a catalyst for the ultimate life. Or you can accept illness and let go of the resistance, so you can let the true joy come forth from within, as we were already healthy and happy. This is very difficult for many, why cannabis is a catalyst for this process, which we have lost control.

This is not a new cure or diet you must follow or become fanatical about. It is a 10,000 years old knowledge that‘s being brought to life again, after having been illegal in the past 60 years.

Why this information has been made illegal for us while the pharmaceutical industry has become the second largest industry in the world and that more people die of cancer and other lifestyle diseases today than ever, some may wonder, while others know the answer and have taken their health into their own hands.