Scrog growing

Scrog Growing

What is a Scrog?

Scrog (Screen of Green) is a technique of growing cannabis across a horizontal canopy to maximise the yield of a plant. Growing cannabis this way can take a plant that would normally produce 40 – 50 grams when grown indoors in a conventional way to around 250 – 450 grams, this is depending on the chosen cannabis strain and the growing environment.

The process to do this is actually quite simple, it just requires a little planning and preparation.

When to Scrog

When space is limited, it is understandable that you want to maximise the amount of crop that you get from a plant. Many home growers use a grow tent, this is a popular choice as it keeps all of the necessary equipment out of sight and can conceal the smell of the plants.

Growing cannabis in grow tents is the perfect environment for a scrog. Most grow tents come with a special scrog net designed to fit the tent. If your tent did not come with this, don’t worry, you can always purchase one online or make one yourself.

Cannabis Grow Tent

The basics

The first thing to understand about scrog growing is that you must use a feminized cannabis plant. It is vital to keep the plant in a vegetative state (18 hours of light, 6 hours of darkness) until the canopy is full before switching to the flowering cycle (12 hours light/12 hours darkness).

Using an auto-flowering plant will not work as the plant will start flowering long before it starts to fill the space of the canopy. (Normally starts flowering in week five to six).

Topping the plant

The process starts by topping your plant, this means cutting the top off! Do not be alarmed this is how it’s done.

Once your plant has at least 5 nodes (pairs of branches coming off the main stem), you will need to top the plant, cutting off the 5th node.

Carefully cut the top of the plant off with a sharp pair of scissors just above the 4th node, leaving the two branches of the node free to grow. 

A topped Cannabis plant

Placing the net

The scrog net should be placed above the plant (10 -15cm) where the topping has taken place, as the branches start to grow, tuck them under the net. 

Srog net above cannabis plants
Cannabis Plants in a Scrog


To aid in this process of horizontal growth, you can also use manipulation techniques to keep the branches horizontal.

Carefully bend the branch across your thumb with your index finger, you can gently roll the branch between your fingers to make the plant softer to bend.

Try not to snap the branch, if you do, you can repair the break by applying some tape, the plant will repair itself and form a type of knuckle where the break accrued.

Try to direct the branches in different directions to fill in the gaps of the screen. Once the canopy is full, it is time to switch the light to 12/12 for flowering.

Bending a brach with Thumb and finger
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