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We are thrilled to provide you with a wide selection of top-quality seeds that cater to both seasoned growers and enthusiastic beginners. With a deep-rooted passion for horticulture and a commitment to excellence, City Seeds Bank is dedicated to delivering exceptional genetics and empowering you to cultivate your very own cannabis garden.

At City Seeds Bank, we understand that every grower has unique preferences and goals. That’s why we meticulously curate a diverse collection of cannabis seeds, encompassing a vast array of strains, flavours, and effects. Whether you’re searching for therapeutic strains with potent medicinal properties or seeking exotic varieties that awaken your senses, we have the perfect seeds to match your desires.

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Super Lemonade Haze

Feminized cannabis seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds guarantee an all-female plant population, eliminating the guesswork and maximising your harvest. Enjoy higher yields and a stress-free cultivation experience with our premium feminized seeds.

Papaya Cookies Automatic

Automatic cannabis seeds

Automatic cannabis seeds offer the ultimate convenience for growers. With their ability to flower automatically, independent of light cycles, these seeds simplify the cultivation process. Experience hassle-free and efficient yields with our top-notch automatic seeds.

Organic 10% CBD Oil

Organic CBD Products

Experience the natural power of organic CBD products. Our carefully crafted selection offers the highest quality CBD extracts sourced from organically grown hemp. Enjoy the benefits of pure, clean, and sustainable CBD solutions for your well-being and relaxation.

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