Critical Automatic

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The Critical Automatic is one of the most famous autoflowering cannabis strains that exist. It increased in popularity recently by winning three Cannabis Cup’s and receiving good reviews from around the world.



The Critical Automatic plant looks like the Critical Feminized with big white buds, a strong stalk, and large leaves. It is important to trim the leaves four weeks before the end of the final flowering stage. The flavor of the Criticalcitrus-like and feels like a waterfall in your mouth. The aroma is spicy but not too strong. The effect it will have on smokers is not too strong and it will leave you nice and relaxed.

The Critical Automatic is 50% Indica, 15% Sativa and 35% Ruderalis. The indoor yield should be around 200-325 grams per square meter, and its height will be about 45-60 cm. The outdoor yield should be about 120-180 grams per plant, and its height will be around 180-220 cm. The growing period should take about 3-4 weeks and the flowering period 6-7 weeks. Harvest should be planned 8-10 weeks after planting the seeds.

Seed Storage

We recommend storing your seeds in an airtight plastic bag or container in the fridge. The seeds will stay fresh for years when stored this way.

How to germinate cannabis seeds every time

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What if my seeds do not germinate?

If your seeds do not germinate for some reason please contact for a *free replacement.
*This only applies to seeds bought from this website.”

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