Tangerine Kush Feminized

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Tangerine Kush is a hybrid crossed with Kush, Blueberry and NYCD F5. What sets her apart is her great aroma, where she blends fresh citrus scents with the earthy aroma of a Kush and her powerful, relaxing high that has good medicinal potential.


Tangerine Kush is easily grown indoors or outdoors. Although predominantly an indica strain, she displays some sativa characteristics during growth. Her budding sites grow in packed clusters and may stretch out quite a bit during flowering for which she needs about 9-10 weeks. She is not exactly the highest yielding strain – you can expect yields of about 200-350 g/m² when conditions are optimal – but she can be an excellent strain for Screen of Green (SrOG) setups due to her columnar structure.

Tangerine Kush produces a large amount of sticky, first-grade quality resin, which makes the strain a top choice for butane extractions. When it comes to her aroma and taste, she perfectly fuses zesty, fresh lemon and orange with the earthy sweetness of her Kush parent.

Her effect is powerful and – as you would expect from a first-grade indica – very relaxing and sedating. Tangerine Kush, therefore, has great medicinal potential and is an all-around stellar and satisfying strain to grow!

Seed Storage

We recommend storing your seeds in an airtight plastic bag or container in the fridge. The seeds will stay fresh for years when stored this way.

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What if my seeds do not germinate?

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