White Widow Feminized

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The White Widow is mainly green with resin crystal-coated buds. The buds are moderate and resist bugs.


Although the origin of the White Widow remains unclear, White Widow was originally a pure Sativa landrace from Brazil, pollinated by an Indica hybrid from the South of India, and made in the Netherlands.

Many smokers confuse White Widow, with Skunk because the plant and buds look similar. She is mainly green with white resin crystal-coated buds. The buds are moderate and resist bugs. The leaves are long and it is important to cut them away at the final stages of the growing process. White Widow is bushy at its top part, and quite thin at the bottom, it has strong stalks. She is the ultimate plant for new growers to start practicing.

The taste of White Widow is old school; a little woody with a bit of honey. The aroma is not the best but impressive. The strain is very popular in the medical scene; she relieves pain, migraine, arthritis, anxiety, stress, and depression.

White Widow Feminized is a true hybrid of 50% Indica, 50% Sativa. The indoor yield is about 350-450 grams per meter when grown in a Scrog. The outdoor yield is about 400-500 grams per plant, and its height is around 150-200 cm long. The growing period is about 8-9 weeks and the flowering time will take 7-8 weeks. Harvest should be planned for late October.

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